5 Types of Windows Everyone Should Know About

Types of Windows Everyone Should Know About

William Shakespeare was right: eyes are the windows to the soul. But it’s also true that windows are the eyes of your home; a defining feature that makes your home feel like home when you pull up outside, as well as bringing your interior to life by allowing all that natural light to flood in. That’s why it’s so important to choose the windows that are perfect for your space. Not just to look at but perfect in style, functionality, practicality and positioning.

The way we see it: adding the right windows to your home is the most effective way to add some personality and character to your home’s façade, while also making your interior spaces feel light and bright, fresh and invigorating, exciting and open. Of course, there are a couple of other factors that need your consideration, from sound-proofing to energy efficiency, all of which will have a role to play in your dream home.

And in that spirit, here is a quick guide to the most popular window styles you can choose from, whether you’re preparing to build a new home or you’re renovating your current one.

Industrial Steel Windows

Go to New York City, and you’ll become obsessed with their “casement windows” quicker than you can say, “I want to live in an NYC loft” — and it’s easy to understand why. These gridded steel-look windows have become one of the most standout characteristics of industrial architecture, and something more and more people want to recreate in their homes. They hark bark to an industrial period that has become more and more chic, the square geometric window panes adding to the personality of a space while letting natural light fill the room. Trust us: there is nothing cooler than adding a bit of NYC character to your home.

Sliding Glass Doors

Whether your living boasts a spectacular view or your kitchen opens onto a stunning garden, there’s only one way to flaunt this feature and bring the outside in, and that’s with a sliding glass door that celebrates indoor-outdoor living. That’s what we love about our highly engineered aluminium doors. Not only do they slide open to welcome your slice of the great outdoors, but they combine larger glass panes with minimised sight-lines

Skylight Windows

The easiest way to describe a skylight window is to imagine a window on your roof that lets natural light flood in from the ceiling. It could be in your loft conversion or that kitchen extension you put in or the garage you converted, they work in any room that sits beneath a roof, whether that’s a pitched roof or a flat one. But the best part is just how much they can add to a space. From allowing natural light to flood in and air to circulate, to giving your home a modern and contemporary look that makes the most of sunny days — and there are so many styles to choose from to suit your preference.

Fixed Glazing

Whether you call them picture windows or know them as fixed glazing, they are one of the most stunning, contemporary and effective ways to welcome natural light into the darkest corners of your home while showcasing your views like an oversized work of art. But what makes them so popular is the way they are designed without panes or frames, allowing you to have an unobstructed view of the outside world. Some are even combined with specialist solar control glass, adding an extra level of wow to this window. Of course, being fixed, they can only let light in, not a fresh breeze, but this can be countered by adding a sliding glass door on an adjacent wall to let some air in.

Sash Windows

Sash windows have been adding distinguished character to the facade of homes since the 1600s, and they continue to do so. They’re traditional and quaint, standout and convenient, and they’re great at letting both light and air in. Essentially, they are movable “sash” panels that act as frames for your pane of glass, and they come in two forms: single-hung sash and double-hung sash, both of which can be slid up or down to regulate the amount of fresh air that flows through your space. The only real difference is how much ventilation you want or need with the double-hung option providing improved air flow.

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