Cor Vision Sliding Door

Cor Vision Minimal Sliding Door

Product description

The Cor Vilsion Minimal Sliding Door  is designed to achieve the slimmest sight-lines you can currently find in the market (20mm visible interlock). This particular solution can be made up to 2.3m in width and 3m in height per panel, whilst keeping the visible sightlines to 20mm only, thanks to its silicone bounding technology which combines the strength of the glass and the aluminium frame.



A lot of thoughts have been put into designing the outer frame so it can be embedded into the aperture to reduce the frame footprint. The door bottom track can also be recessed into the ground to allow for a seamless level between the inner floor and the patio. If you're looking for a contemporary look, the Cor Vision door  is the ideal solution for you.




Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-slim sight-lines  with 20mm thick interlock
  • Door frame and hardware designed to take up 320kg per panel
  • Maximum width of 2.2m per panel and up to 6panels per door
  • Doors can be made as high as 3m in a single glass panel
  • Thermally broken for an improved insulation (Polyamide Tech)
  • High security locking mechanism with an Ultion security cylinder
  • wide range of colours with the possibility of dual colour
  • Flush threshold available
  • Embedded outer frame to maximise the glass footprint