Sliding Doors


The Roys Rolls of sliding doors  

Ultra-slim sightlines, with 20mm Interlock 

Energy efficient system (Equipped with Polyamide Technology)

Secure door, Fitted with multi-points locking system + security cylinder

Available in 100+ different colours and shades 

Our range of sliding doors 

Why restrict yourself with a regular size opening. Our highly engineered aluminium sliding doors enables you to extend the structural opening and create exterior openings, extending the glass area and minimising the framework. our doors come in different configurations to suit your requirements 

State of the art sliding door systems 

Our range of aluminium sliding doors feature advanced technology that ensures effortlessly smooth operation for years to come. Strong stainless steel rollers mean that huge panes of glass, weighing up to 300kg, can be easily moved with just two fingers.

Minimise the frame print

The main difference between a sliding system and a folding door system is that with a sliding system the view onto the external landscape is less obscured, because less profile (or mullion) is needed. One panel of the system will always remain as a dividing glass section within the opening – in contrast to folding sliding door systems which can open up completely.

Superb door systems designed to accommodation complex designs 

Whether floor to ceiling glass walls with minimal frame, a simple sliding door in an extension, or sliding walls, our doors can go as high as 3m and as slim as 20mm of visible frame and can accommodate the most challenging of design.




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